Celebrating 40 Years of Service with Fayette Senior Services!

June 12, 2018. FAYETTEVILLE, GA. Fayette Senior Services (FSS), a 501(C) (3) nonprofit organization, has received sponsorships for their 40th Anniversary year. Three organizations have reached out to support FSS’ incredible services – Gold Sponsor, Clear Captions and Silver Sponsors, Piedmont Fayette Hospital and Heartis. Fayette Senior Services will begin their 40th anniversary celebration in July and continue the celebration throughout the year.


FSS opened in 1978, and though there have been many changes since then, their mission has remained the same: to provide a wide array of life-enriching services to seniors in Fayette County. When FSS opened, they did not have a building and provided services to seniors while operating in host locations. The programs that FSS offers today— meals on wheels, non-emergency medical transportation services, care management, in-home services, and more were all in effect but on a much smaller scale. Transportation services consisted of one vehicle while today there is a fleet of 13 vehicles. When FSS first moved into a facility, it was a small home from which they delivered Meals on Wheels and today they deliver nearly 56,000 meals a year. When they first opened their doors, their membership consisted of only 30 members compared with the 2,000+ members today. Jim Price, the Director of FSS in the early ‘90s gave insight into the history of the organization. “When I was director, FSS was in the process of growing with few resources available” he remembers. As the county became more involved, FSS expanded and began to develop more programs until finally, their partnership allowed for the Life Enrichment Center in Fayetteville to be opened and, later, the two centers in Peachtree City. Price recounts the dedicated people he worked with and the rewarding work he did during his time as director and asserts that “Fayette County is very fortunate to have Fayette Senior Services.” Em Baldwin, the eighth member of FSS, reveals how the organization has changed in her time as a member. “You can tell by the parking lot, additional [locations], and traffic how the [centers] have grown,” Baldwin claims. She deeply appreciates her time as a member and volunteer at FSS, recognizing the friends she has made and the “exciting new programs” she has participated in over the years. FSS is honored to serve this community and excited to grow as the needs of seniors expand in the future.


Join us in celebrating 40 years of FSS serving the Fayette County community. Thank you to our 40th Anniversary Sponsors: Clear Captions, Piedmont Fayette Hospital, and Heartis Fayetteville. For 40 years, FSS has been making a meaningful difference in the social, emotional, and physical well-being of adults age 50 and better in our community. FSS provides a variety of essential services to the community such as Meals on Wheels, Transportation, Information & Referral Assistance, Care Management, In-Home Personal Care, Adult Day Care, Home Repair, and Ani-Meals. FSS’ Life Enrichment center offers a range of social, leisure, travel and fitness activities in both Fayetteville and Peachtree City and also hosts the award-winning Ultimate Café. For more information about Fayette Senior Services, visit www.fayss.org or call 770-461-0813.