Celebrating 40 Years of Serving You!

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A new year is once again upon us – a new chance to get more involved, to try out new things, and to meet new people. At FSS, that is just what we are here to help you do. For 40 years, we have been growing with the desires of seniors around us and plan to continue to do so for years to come. When people come to FSS, we want them to feel at home! We aim at offering an inviting environment that leaves a lasting memory. We strive to provide programs, social opportunities, delicious food, and fun outings that will strike a variety of interests for everyone to take advantage of. We believe getting involved and staying active long into your golden years is key, and we love to see our members thrive! We think it’s safe to say that any staff member you speak to would agree, we are all in it for every senior we encounter – they are our number one priority. Getting seniors involved and keeping them active is important to us, and we hope to see you more often throughout this next year!

“I’m so thankful that while I am growing older, I have the benefit of doing it in style with FSS. Being a part of something so meaningful is such a pleasure, and everyone should be excited to turn fifty so they can become a part of this incredible family. FSS has made a tremendous difference in my life and I have been blessed with many friendships and experiences at the center I wouldn’t otherwise have!” – Sheila Tyson

“My association with FSS ranks high on my list of positive life experiences. As I have recently faced many life changes and challenges, FSS has played a major role in my journey of creating a “new normal” for myself. My life has been greatly enriched by all the activities and the friendships of those I may never have met! I feel energized and encouraged to take advantage of programs offered and plan to continue to experience new things and to step outside my comfort zone! I always eagerly look forward to the wide variety of offerings presented.” – Marjorie Morrow

“FSS is such a great place for seniors to come and interact with other people their age. It provides a place to make friends and connections that just mean something more. This is the best place around for seniors to get more involved and feel like they have a place to call their own. I have been coming to the center for over nine years and have no plans to ever stop.” – D.W. Cook