Celebrating 40 Years of Serving You!

Let the Sun Shine In!

For anyone who has had a chance to walk through or pass by Fayette Senior Services’ (FSS) gorgeous garden, you will understand when we say it is hard to describe the true beauty it holds. When you hear the story of how it came together, that beauty grows even more. It all began with a small idea in December of 2008 and from there it has blossomed into a tranquil oasis for the community to enjoy. Over the next few years, plans came together, the land use was approved, and the only thing missing was funding, but like many projects at FSS, we did not limit ourselves because something was not in our favor. Working together, the FSS team reached out to the local community to make this idea an actual reality. The surrounding community met the requests made by FSS and came together to support the organization. Generous donations of materials and funds from local businesses, members, and citizens were made and volunteers came from all over in order to make this project a success. In 2010, the heavy work began. With the help of over 100 pairs of volunteer hands, over 400 tons of materials were laid. Over the years, people and organizations have continued to support this incredible garden and continue to donate time, materials and assistance where needed to help maintain the area. In the past 9 years, with the selfless giving of organizations and individuals in our community, this garden has gone from an empty field of weeds to being covered in beautiful flowers and plants. It is surrounded by beauty, not only in the colorful blooms, but in the heart of those that have provided countless hours of volunteer work and donations to make this what it is today. With the help of a community, so many get a chance to enjoy the beauty of life. We get a chance to sit back and relish a brisk afternoon in a picture perfect garden to just relax and reflect. As garden season is among us again, FSS is looking for even more volunteers to continue to make this garden thrive. “We are always striving to improve upon the great foundation laid by those who came before us, and this includes continuing the success of our incredible garden. The time and effort that our volunteers have put into this garden is inspiring, and we want to grow our volunteer family even more each year,” shares Morgan Lanier, FSS Program Coordinator. As spring quickly approaches, our Garden Club will begin meeting again. If you are interested in putting your green thumb to a great cause, please join our family! Our garden club meets as a group the first Tuesday of each month at 9:30 a.m., starting Tuesday, March 5th for the season. Stop by the front desk at any location to learn more. “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow” – Audrey Hepburn