Celebrating 40 Years of Serving You!

Celebrating 40 Years of Serving You!
Volunteering Is A Work of Heart!
There are very few things at FSS that are not shaped by the hands of our generous volunteers.
Without these incredible individuals who donate so much of their time, FSS would not be the
organization we are today. As a nonprofit organization, the skills and resources these volunteers
contribute makes the world of difference in providing services to seniors in our community. Each
year, over 350 individuals volunteer to donate over 23,000 hours of service and the impact they have
is immeasurable. “Volunteers are the key that keeps FSS running! As a nonprofit organization, we
rely so heavily on the time and talents that are so graciously given. Each and every volunteer has
an impact, not only on the day to day operations, but on everyone they interact with. Our volunteers
have and always will enrich the lives that they touch within FSS!” expresses Carrie Bittinger, FSS
Volunteer Coordinator. It is because of these kind-hearted individuals that FSS is able to continue to
help preserve senior’s independence, improve their quality of life and connect them to the community.
We cannot express our appreciation and gratification enough for these incredible individuals who
selflessly give day in and day out – we truly could not do this without you all!
“I volunteer because I like to work with people I feel a
connection with! I started this as a tribute to my mother,
who used to volunteer. It is a family thing and I enjoy
continuing that. My favorite thing about volunteering at
FSS is listening to the stories from different people.”
– Pam Tate
“I volunteer because I love giving my time back to
my community. My Grandpa Harold and Great Aunt
Bess were big influences in my life, and this is a
way I can give back to them. Seniors have so much
life experiences and stories to share. I admire and
respect them and want them to know how important
they are to myself, our youth, and our community!”
– Rachel Leonard
Thank you to our volunteers, who are the ones that make FSS the place it is today!
“I started volunteering after retirement, as it can get very
boring and be unhealthy, and I wanted to help others.
Now I wake up each morning and think to myself ‘Ok,
what’s on the agenda today?’ and get excited to come
in and volunteer at FSS. I’m 80, and this helps keep me
mobile and makes me feel useful and busy!”
– Virginia Pope
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