Celebrating 40 Years of Serving You!

At Fayette Senior Services, we are more than just a collection of buildings- we are a caring and dedicated community. For forty years, Fayette Senior Services has been placing the needs of those we serve above anything else. When the center first opened, the purpose of FSS was to provide “fellowship for the elderly in our county.” Though it has been forty years since FSS opened, our commitment has only strengthened over time. Now that FSS has more resources and services to offer, we are helping more seniors in Fayette County than ever before. Each volunteer and staff member is committed to the happiness and well-being of FSS’s members and clients and the greater Fayette County community.

For our members, Fayette Senior Services serves as a second home. Recently, one of our members, Dorothy Mack, contacted FSS after a fire had occurred in her home. Mrs. Mack evacuated her house and in the midst of the emergency the only telephone number she could remember was that of Fayette Senior Services. Iris Harris, FSS’s Care Manager, recounts that Mrs. Mack “knew we would have her family’s phone numbers though she could not remember them at the time herself.” FSS was able to quickly get in contact with Mrs. Mack’s family and help her in the dire situation. “The fact that she called you first proves that the connection between my mother and FSS is the ultimate relationship,” Mrs. Mack’s daughter, Robbin, remarks. Robbin believes that the reason her mother remembered FSS’s phone number is because “Fayette Senior Services is a home away from home for her.” Members like Mrs. Mack do not only view FSS as a place to meet friends, attend programs, or eat at the café, but also as a safe haven when needed! We are committed to our members and the greater community. We are thankful that Mrs. Mack is safe and we were able to help in time.

Fayette Senior Services serves as more than just a social outlet in our community for seniors. To so many of our members, we serve as a lifeline, a resource for connection within a community, a form of support and comfort during difficult times in their lives. FSS member and volunteer Denny Danylchak recently shared his experience with FSS after he lost his wife. “I reached out for FSS and they reached out for me,” he shared. He continued that our senior center provided a place for him to call home during this difficult time. It provided him with support to get through the loss, social interaction when lonely, and a way to try new things as he transitioned into this new phase of his life. “I have no idea where I would be if I hadn’t turned to the center for support,” he expressed.

Fayette Senior Services is honored to have served our community since 1978 and we hope to continue to do so for many more years to come. We are here to help you in any way we can, be it in your personal life through providing a ride, a meal or a helping hand or just to serve as a connection to come and learn something new, stay physically fit, volunteer or have a social outlet. Join us throughout this next year as we celebrate 40 years of serving our members and the greater community.