Fayette Senior Services Celebrates 10 Years of Tranquil Garden Relaxation

June 14, 2021. FAYETTEVILLE, GA. Fayette Senior Services (FSS), a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization, is celebrating their 10 year anniversary of the start of their beautiful and tranquil community garden. This 15,000 square-foot garden is tucked right next to their Fayetteville facility and has provided the members, staff, volunteers, and community a place to enjoy and take pride in for ten years now! FSS will be hosting an anniversary Garden Party on Wednesday, June 23rd from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. at their Fayetteville location, 4 Center Drive. This gathering will celebrate everyone and everything that has made this garden a reality and will honor some of their current volunteers, past volunteers, and organizations that have played a role in creating this space. To join, please call 770-461-0813, email register@fayss.org (include name, phone number, and program), or stop by any location to register.


For anyone who has had a chance to walk through or pass by Fayette Senior Services’ (FSS) gorgeous garden, you will understand when we say it is hard to describe the beauty it holds. When you hear the story of how it came together, that beauty grows even more. It all began with a small idea in December of 2008 and from there it blossomed. Over the next few years, the plans came together, the land use was approved, and the only thing missing was funding, but like many projects at FSS, they did not limit themselves because something was not in their favor. The community came together to support the organization. Generous donations of materials and funds from local businesses, members, and citizens were made and volunteers came from all over in order to make this project happen. In 2010, the heavy work began. With the help of over 100 pairs of volunteer hands, over 400 tons of materials were laid. As FSS reflects back over the years, they can’t help but take pride in what has been accomplished by the collaboration of so many. In 10 years, with the selfless giving of organizations and individuals in our community, this garden has gone from an empty field of weeds to covered in beautiful flowers and plants. “It is surrounded by beauty, not only in the colorful blooms but in the heart of those that have provided countless hours of volunteer work and donations to make this what it is today. With the help of a community, so many are able to enjoy the beauty of life. They get a chance to sit back and relish in a brisk afternoon in a picture perfect garden to relax and reflect,” expressed Morgan Lanier, FSS Program Development Coordinator.


If you are interested in helping in the FSS garden, there are many opportunities available! FSS is looking for new volunteers to continue to make this garden thrive. Put your green thumb to use as part of FSS’ Garden Club and become a volunteer to have a helping hand in maintaining their serene Garden. In addition, there are also sponsorships available to help offset the costs of maintaining the garden as well as days of service for organizations or groups wanting to volunteer for just one day! If you are interested in learning more ways you can get involved with the garden, please contact FSS Volunteer Coordinator Carrie Bittinger at cbittinger@fayss.org or 770-461-0813.


For over four decades, FSS has been making a meaningful difference in the social, emotional, and physical well-being of adults age 50 and better in our community. FSS provides a variety of essential services to the community, including Meals on Wheels, Transportation, Care Management, In-Home Personal Care, Home Repair, and Ani-Meals. FSS’ Life Enrichment center offers a range of social, leisure, travel and fitness activities in both Fayetteville and Peachtree City and also hosts the award-winning Ultimate Café. For more information about Fayette Senior Services, visit www.fayss.org or call 770-461-0813.