Fayette Senior Services Seeks New Volunteers for Meals On Wheels Program

August 19, 2020. FAYETTEVILLE, GA. Fayette Senior Services, Inc. (FSS), a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, is currently recruiting volunteers to deliver meals for their Meals On Wheels (MOW) program. FSS is the home of the Meals On Wheels program for Fayette County, serving seniors in our local community. This exceptional program is the difference for individuals being able to remain in their homes by providing a simple yet delicious, healthy and nutritious meal during a friendly visit and daily check-in. The ongoing pandemic has caused a surge in requests for MOW delivery, and although FSS has generous funding available for these meals, more volunteers are needed to accommodate the increase in deliveries and routes.


Currently, FSS has 13 total routes needing volunteer drivers – 3 routes on Monday, 1 route on Tuesday, 2 routes on Wednesday, 6 routes on Thursday, and 1 route on Friday. Meals On Wheels volunteers are categorized as a driver, who commit to a specific route and runs that route weekly or a substitute driver, who fills in when a committed driver is unavailable. Each route takes approximately 1-2 hours. Both have a tremendous impact in their community. FSS makes adopting a route simple by providing detailed directions for each route in addition to what meals are being delivered and tips for the best way to interact with each client. Due to the current pandemic, FSS is focusing on the health and safety of their volunteers, staff, and clients. Volunteers are required to wear a mask and get their temperature checked when picking up meals and when delivering meals to clients. “The individuals who volunteer with Meals On Wheels are truly the heart of the program. We couldn’t do it without each one,” expressed Carrie Bittinger, Meals On Wheels and Volunteer Coordinator. Without these generous individuals, it would be nearly impossible to deliver so many meals to so many clients daily. They offer companionship and a watchful eye and often times are the only contact some clients may have during the day. Their desire for helping others not only makes a difference in the program itself, but more importantly in the lives of those receiving this invaluable service. In addition to individuals volunteering, many groups will form teams among a family or friend group or a business and organization and adopt a route together. This allows a commitment from the team to deliver meals weekly, but provides the option for an individual to only commit every few weeks, depending on the schedule they determine among themselves as a team.


Each year, a team of dedicated volunteers deliver over 56,000 meals to more than 300 homebound and semi-homebound older adults who reside throughout Fayette County. This effort is a dynamic partnership between the national network of local programs and the businesses, organizations, governments, and volunteers who contribute generously to their communities. To make a difference in the lives of others, join our team of Meals On Wheels volunteers! For those interested in volunteering, please reach out to Carrie Bittinger at cbittinger@fayss.org or 770-461-0813 for more information. Together, we can deliver a difference!


For over four decades, Fayette Senior Services, Inc. (FSS), a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, has been making a meaningful difference in the emotional, social, and physical well-being of older adults. FSS’ Meals on Wheels program is nationally accredited through Meals on Wheels America (MOWA) and is a founding member of Meals on Wheels Association of Georgia (MOWAG). For more information on Fayette Senior Services, to learn more about Meals On Wheels, or if you have an interest in becoming a Meals On Wheels volunteer, please visit www.fayss.org or call 770-461-0813.