“Fill the Gap” with Fayette Senior Services

April 9, 2018. FAYETTEVILLE, GA. Fayette Senior Services, Inc. (FSS), a 501 (c)(3) non-profit charity, is reaching out to our community with a challenge to help them make a difference for the lives of seniors. FSS has begun a “Fill the Gap” fundraising effort to assist in covering increasing costs of operating expenses during the 40th year in operation. Rising costs in the 2018 economy have reduced the resources available to assure that any senior needing service receives what they require. Each dollar shortfall for FSS can result in serving one less aging adult. Morgan Lanier, Program Development Coordinator with FSS, shares the importance of donating to this invaluable organization. “The demand for services are rising each and every day and FSS will do everything we can to meet that demand. Our main priority is not to turn down any senior in need” she expressed. This “Fill the Gap” campaign will allow FSS to maintain services, including transportation, food, facility maintenance, fitness equipment, in-home assistance, Meals on Wheels and more. “In our annual budget, $30,000 means the difference in keeping one more van on the road so a senior can make it to a life-saving medical appointment. It represents the cost of one more meal for each of our neediest seniors in the Meals on Wheels program each week; of one more hour of in-home care so a senior can remain independent in their homes; of keeping our buildings open an extra hour each day so seniors have a place to be active, stay fit and engaged and it makes it possible for us to provide a more affordable meal in our café each day. If this gap is not filled, we will be forced to cut back on each of these and we hope we do not have to make the decision needed to reduce services,” stressed Dan Gibbs, FSS Facilities Manager.


FSS is empowering seniors by providing them with the resources needed to make them stronger, more confident and independent on a daily basis. FSS facilitates seniors living independently in their homes for as long as possible and strives to improve their overall quality of life. Help FSS “Fill the Gap” by giving a tax-deductible donation to help seniors of our community. To make a donation, stop by any location or call 770-461-0813. FSS offers a variety of ways for individuals, businesses and organizations to partner, support, and collaborate. In addition to ongoing efforts in fundraising, they also offer sponsorship opportunities through several outlets as well as an assortment of ways to work together for our community through in-kind donations. For more information, contact Morgan Lanier at 770-769-8430 or mlanier@fayss.org. Together, we can make a difference!