Piedmont Fayette Helps Strengthen Fayette Senior Services

January 22, 2020. FAYETTEVILLE, GA. Fayette Senior Services, Inc. (FSS), a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization, recently accepted a donation of fitness equipment from Piedmont Fayette Hospital. The generous donation on behalf of Piedmont Fayette included a stair stepper machine, recumbent bike, free weights, and weight bench for FSS’ fitness center in addition to yoga balls, yoga ball rack, free weights, and weight rack for their fitness classes. Piedmont Fayette’s Director of Rehabilitation and Fitness Jill Fenimore shared their support for FSS and its members. “Piedmont Fayette and Fayette Senior Services are both focused on the health and wellness of citizens in this community,” said Fenimore. “It is our pleasure to be able to donate equipment that will help members of Fayette Senior Services build strength, stamina, and confidence.”


With the volume of participants in each program, the fitness equipment gets a lot of use daily. With increased use, you can imagine the wear and tear it can cause throughout the years. This donation came at perfect timing to start off the new year with fresh equipment to support the growth of the fitness program! FSS Fitness Expert Miriam Jones shared her excitement about the new items. “The recent donation could not have been more timely. It gave the center just the facelift it needed. Piedmont Fayette is such a pillar for the community and we are so thankful for the way they continuously look out for the people in it. These new additions to our fitness center at FSS are literally ‘exactly what the doctor ordered.’ Our members are ecstatic because they understand the importance of taking control of their health and they want to thrive! This new equipment is going to put them in the right position to do exactly that,” expressed Miriam.


FSS’ fitness program is exactly that – thriving! When you visit their centers and happen to catch one of their many fitness programs in action, you will be amazed at how active and strong these groups of seniors are. It comes as no surprise that FSS takes pride in developing and providing a fitness program for all levels of senior fitness to help them stay independent and active as they age. We constantly hear from doctors and fitness experts that exercise is the best medicine, and there is no doubt that there is truth behind this. As we age, many feel as if fitness and exercise may no longer be an option, but as we grow older, an active lifestyle becomes more important than ever to our health. Staying active can have major health benefits and studies have shown that physical fitness can be a major contributor to longevity; adding extra years to our lives, no matter what age we start at. FSS offers a variety of health-related programming designed to enhance the mind and body. Between regularly scheduled exercise classes, an onsite gym, and presentations by experts on a variety of health topics, FSS is playing a major role in helping seniors maintain a healthy and independent lifestyle. Being active is not just about adding healthy years to our life, but more so about adding life into our years.


For over four decades, Fayette Senior Services has been making a meaningful difference in the emotional, social, and physical well-being of older adults. Between three locations – Fayetteville (4 Center Drive) and Peachtree City (203 McIntosh Trail | 191 McIntosh Trail) – FSS offers over 110 programs a month ranging from social, leisure, fitness, travel, education, technology, wellness, arts & crafts, and special events. For more information about activities and becoming a member, please call 770-461-0813 or email info@fayss.org. For more information about Fayette Senior Services, visit www.fayss.org.